GMAT score for Top MBA colleges in the USA

GMAT score for Top MBA colleges in the USA


An aspirant of business school is required to take the GMAT. It is really important to have a good GMAT score in order to get the top business school for an MBA program. To attain those high scores you need to first know the average score of GMAT o that you can prepare for above than average score. 

The top business schools for MBA program in the US are The Wharton School, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Booth School of Business, Kellogg School of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, Dartmouth Tuck, Columbia Business School, UC Berkeley and Yale School of Management. The average GMAT score of all these colleges varies from 720-735 from past few years. 

About GMAT

GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test’ is a computer-based test which takes four hours for its completion. It provides MBA aspirants around the world to fill up the application process. 

GMAT mainly consists of questions regarding Mathematics, Analytical writing and English as well. An aspirant should have a basic knowledge of English and math skills with some specific strategies and techniques. The four-hour paper is assigned as 30 minutes for AWA essay, 30 minutes for integrated reasoning, and 62 minutes for the verbal section. 

GMAT score is reviewed by the business schools to evaluate the graduate-level knowledge of the applicant. 

Good GMAT Score

An aspirant of MBA should always check the average score of previous years GMAT score that gives you the basic idea to prepare yourself to that level. The scoring process includes a mean score of 39 for the quantitative section and means a score of 27 for the verbal section that counts from 0-60. To get admission in top business school you should have a score of 710 or above. 

The GMAT paper contains difficult questions as well as non- difficult questions. Also, there is no option for skipping the current question and come back to it later, due to its muddle. Nevertheless, you need to choose the answer and move further. 

GMAT is all about testing skills of an aspirant. Moreover, a GMAT score is valid for 5 years but it is advised to apply to a business school at earliest. It takes $275 for appearing in GMAT in the USA.

Also, the difficulty level of questions increases when you give the right answers to the questions consecutively and the difficulty level decreases when you give the wrong answer. Moreover, the difficult questions consist of higher marks than the less difficult ones. 

Below are the top 10 MBA colleges in the USA with their respective average scores 

Stanford Graduate School of Business-

It has constantly ranked as one of the top three business schools in the world. Getting a position in one of the business programs of Stanford requires great calibre and is incredibly difficult. 590-790 is the GMAT score range of Stanford. Nonetheless, 733 is the average score of applicants which is the highest admitted in the world and from the last few years the GMAT score is gradually rising.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

It is one of the most selective top business schools in the world. It has a very low acceptance rate almost as low as 20%. The range of GMAT score for the incoming class is between 730 to 732. Impressive profiles with a quite high average GMAT score as high as 732 are required to finally receive the green flag from Wharton. 

The University of Chicago Booth School Of Business

The practical learning offered to provoke new ideas in students which might turn into a solution to some big problems. This is why to get into this business school is indeed a very elite opportunity. Its acceptance rate is low with an average GMAT score of 726. The range of Chicago Booth GMAT score is from 570-780 over the past few years.  

Kellogg School of Management

It is one of the most respected business schools in the world. It is best renowned for its developing approach towards introducing new learning methods in a full-time MBA course which promises to build a better tomorrow. The average GMAT score is 724 with a constant rise embarking every year. The range of its GMAT score lies between 690-760.

Columbia Business School

 It is situated in the melting pot of the US- New York. It has maintained its heritage of being one of the most popular Business Schools in the world since 1960. Along with a remarkable profile, a high average GMAT score like 715 is required to get admission at Columbia Business School. The average score of the incoming classes has consistently increased every year growing from 716 to 732. 690 to760 is the range of GMAT score of Columbia Business School.

Need to take the GMAT

  • It provides an eminent chance of scholarship.
  • It benefits the students to get admission in top business schools.
  • MBA jobs and salaries are ensured.


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