Germany is a developed country in the west of Europe. It has a beautiful landscape comprising forests, forests, grasslands, etc. It’s not surprising that Germany is mentioned in history books for its historical leaders.

Germany as a student-friendly country:

Germany is a student-friendly country. Not just the education, but even medical facilities are available to local as well as international students.

It is very easy for foreign students to get health insurance from local banks. The health insurance system is very well structured. The insurance is very cheap and affordable with a lot of benefits.

Let us know more about the general health insurance policies in Germany:

Health insurance in Germany:

Germany has a world-class facility of medicine and health care not just for its own local people and population but also for the foreigners, travelers, and students, both national and international. The health insurance system of Germany and the surrounding countries in Europe are very well structured.

In Germany, every student, whether local or foreign, national or international, he or she must have health insurance before enrolling in any course or program at any German University. If you do not have proper medical health insurance before enrolment into a program or course at any German University, there is no need to worry as the German Universities will help you out with the health insurance. They will help you choose the best health insurance according to your budget and will be easy on your pocket. So there is no need to worry if you don’t have proper health insurance.

The German Constitution in Clause 9 of Paragraph 1 of the German social security code 5 states that the students, whether local or foreigners, national or international must have their own medical health insurance. This is because health is wealth. If the students are healthy, they will remain fit and will be able to fulfill their goals and dreams.

There are many insurance firms in the country of Germany. Some of the firms providing student health insurances to international students are as follows:

1. A. O. K.

2. B. A. R. M. E. R.

3. D. A. K.

4. H. E. K.

5. K. K. H.

6. I. K. K.

7. Various companies providing health insurance funds, etc.

Most of the health insurance can be made online. This makes sure that the students don’t have to do any extra work and they can concentrate solely on their studies.

Exceptions to the medical health insurance model:

In this world, there are exceptions in everything. The Laws of Germany also make an exception by exempting certain groups and students from having compulsory medical health insurance. These are as follows:

1.     Guest scientists: Scientists who are from another country and have come to Germany only for a certain experiment or testing for results can be exempted from having medical health insurance by the German laws.

2.     Post-graduate students: Students who have completed their graduation and have come to Germany to pursue their masters or a part of their masters, like one or two semesters in Germany can be exempted from the medical health insurance laws in Germany.

3.     Scholarship holders: The students who have received scholarships to come to Germany for partial studies or any other research or patent can also be exempted from the medical health insurance laws of Germany.

4.     People without a contract of employment: These are the people who can be tourists or just visiting their families or here for business. These people too can be exempted from the medical health insurance laws of Germany.

5.     People attending German language courses are also some of the people who can get an exemption from the medical health insurance laws of Germany.

6.     People who are attending colleges, not in Universities can also get exempted from medical health insurance in Germany.

7.     The students who are aged more than 30 years of age can be exempted from medical health insurance laws in Germany.


Many students have a lot of questions in their minds. These questions sometimes remain unanswered for so long that they feel their decision to study abroad was wrong altogether. Thus, we have provided you with some basic common and frequently asked questions that might answer almost all your queries. These are as follows:

1. What all health insurance firms can give the certification of health insurance to students?

Any of the above-mentioned firms like A. O. K.,

B. A. R. M. E. R., D. A. K., H. E. K., K. K. H., I. K. K., and various company health insurance funds, etc can provide you a valid medical health insurance certificate. These are some of the best health insurance companies in Germany.

2.     Are these health insurances necessary?

When you are in a foreign country you are not only new to the culture and surroundings but also, you are new to many kinds of new pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other germs. These might not be available in your country and hence you might not be immune to these problems. If you fall sick you might need a doctor. Medical bills in a foreign country are very expensive. To pay these bills you will definitely need medical health insurance so that it’s not a burden when the actual problem falls on you.

3.     What are some of the ways to avoid getting health insurance?

If you enroll in a German language course or a postgraduate course, or even if you have come to the country as a guest professor or a scientist for a patent, you might be able to get exempted from medical health insurance law.

4.     What facilities are included in the health insurance package?

Currently, all the medical health insurance firms provide insurance on dental bills, medical bills, bills of pharmacy and medication, physiotherapy bills, and ambulance bills if necessary.


We have tried to compile an article on student health insurance in Germany. This is a perfect guide for foreign students and parents who want their children to pursue higher education from Germany. After all, all the parents want the best for their child.

The laws of this country are strict but these are mostly for the safety and security of the students and people of the country. The country wants foreign students to feel safe there and they make sure the foreign students sign up for medical health insurance.

This law tries to protect them from unknown and unwanted diseases and dangers and provides security to the foreign students in the absence of their parents and family as the students are living away from them.

We have tried to provide the best information possible. We hope you received the adequate information you were looking for. Have a nice day! All the best for your awesome career! 


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